Promoting mental health and wellbeing in the  performing arts industry.  

To see, light must enter our eyes. Light enables sight.

Performing artists have a unique way of seeing. They see with the lenses of their hearts. Their attentiveness, compassion, and generosity pulls back the covers on our inner lives, and shows us what we might otherwise have missed. 

​In their light, we see. 

But theirs is not an easy load. Sensitivity to light means sensitivity to darkness. Wrestle and travail are customary to creativity.


Being an artist often requires a vulnerable, persistent, and solitary courage that others know nothing of. 

And, light is exposing. Being truly seen – without hiding any parts of oneself – just might be the most courageous act of all.


Research has shown that performing artists are at greater risk of mental health problems than the general population.

Where The Light Is exists to educate performing artists and arts support workers to understand and meet their mental health needs.

It exists to equip them to manage the unique psychological challenges of their careers.

It exists to enable the leadership of artistic productions to establish unity and excellence amongst their ensembles.

It exists to inform the psychological themes and content of artistic works using leading theories and evidence.  

And it exists to create cultural change in the performing arts industry, such that harmful and negligent practices towards mental health would be replaced by awareness and support.

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