I'm Renée.

Spelt the French way, which was my Dad's preference. But I'm not French. I'm Australian.

I work in the business of hope. I'm a clinical psychologist. It's a practice of mine to look for hope, and to call it out. 

I’m a speaker. I’ve given talks and training to a diversity of audiences within Australia and internationally. I enjoy presenting content that engages people to live purposeful lives. 


I’m a writer. Strings of words thrum and clatter in my mind all the time, sometimes finding homes in poems, lyrics, articles and educational resources. I once read and wrote a lot of words, on a single topic, and the Psychology Department at the University of Queensland gave me a PhD. The topic was suicide prevention. As part of my PhD, I created The HOLLY Program, an evidence-based suicide prevention training program. My research has been published in multiple academic journals, and I continue to be passionate about keeping people alive.

And, I’m a dancer. I love to tell stories with movement, and connect with people in a way that's unspoken.