An ensemble of artists and crew working collaboratively and intensely in pursuit of creative excellence is no small thing.


Dr Renée Bazley wants entertainment industry professionals to feel supported inside their creative process, enabling them to bring the best of themselves to their work. 

She is available to facilitate this role on set, on tour, and in pre-production and production periods for performances. Services include:

  • Working with leadership to create cultures of safety and unity

  • Educating artists & crew regarding mental health & wellbeing

  • Supporting artists & crew to implement self-care practices

  • Monitoring the wellness of artists & crew throughout production

  • Promoting respectful relationships, including mediating relationship difficulties 

  • Debriefing psychologically vulnerable or strenuous performances

  • Helping artists & crew to manage life outside of work

  • Supporting artists to respond with resiliency to struggles & setbacks

  • Supporting the adjustment of young performers to working professionally 

  • Facilitating access to community mental health services 

Renée can also provide consultation for scriptwriting and screenwriting. Previous entertainment industry clients include Reserve Entertainment and The Farmer and the Belle movie franchise. 


Renée is available for media appearances. 

“Renée is an insightful, credible, and compassionate mental health professional. It's always a delight to work with Renée and benefit from her wisdom and enthusiasm. I would not hesitate to hire her again”.

Dr Justin Coulson,  best-selling author and creator of Happy Families