• Renée

Let There Be Light

Performing artists have a unique way of seeing. They see with the lenses of their hearts.

A moment becomes a song. A longing becomes a dance. Scripts become living, breathing stories that we’re invited into because they’re told by living, breathing souls.

Performing artists engage with the world through teeming layers of thought and feeling. In their wake, our hearts are expanded.

But theirs is not an easy load. To create is to birth, an experience to which an artist must bring all of themselves. This is exposing. It requires a courage that isn’t innate and doesn’t come without cost.

Performing artists, or can I say, seers and bearers of light: this is a place for you to learn to care for yourself so your hearts can remain clear-sighted.

It’s a place for you to take and hold tight to the truth that you’ve something of worth to offer the world. We need your eyes. We need your hearts.

Here, exchanges between what’s broken and what’s whole are encouraged. You might even peel the skin off your fears and see them for the frauds they are.

This is a place to begin again (perhaps after a litany of first beginnings), or begin at all (because starting blocks can produce the largest quakes).

And if you've arrived here somewhat battered, searching for a way through, just maybe, this place could offer you the kind of hope that’s alive - really alive. Enough to spur you on to show us the yearning beauty that lives in you but also wants to inhabit us. This way, we all get a little more free.

In your light, we see.

Thank you. I’m glad you’re here.